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The Meccano volume of MCS is available on CD

Note that you can pay by


The first edition of MCS (Metal Constructional Systems) books, were produced in 1983/5 jointly by Don Blakeborough and Frank Beadle. The volume 3 of this work did include some pages on Meccano. However when the books were revised by Frank Beadle in the late 1980s the section on Meccano became so large as work progressed, that it was thought better to keep the whole of the Meccano section separate in the revised edition of MCS.

Consequently Frank Beadle produced a dedicated Meccano companion book to MCS in the early 1993, which was available to special order only.

In 2002 Frank Beadle died, and with the agreement of his widow and after discussion with Tony Knowles, I took over responsibility for updating the Meccano volume of MCS and converting it to CD technology. With the work on CD, it is much easier to update and distribute than a large paper document would be.

This volume has been extensively updated to the middle of 2003, with much extra information included. As a result, this volume has grown to over 1100 pages. The listing is similar to the MCS books, and contains as many associated theme and other sets as possible, though repetition has been avoided where possible. Alphabetically the lists are ordered by country of and then by date of introduction. In addition to keep the England and France sections manageable they have been further split into standard and special/theme sets.

The following information (where available) is included in the same way as the standard MCS book :-

  1. Name and information sheet
  2. Front cover of manual(s)
  3. Description only of parts
  4. Illustration of parts
  5. Typical models from manual
  6. Contents of set
  7. Advertising and photographs of set.

Click here for the contents of the Meccano Volume of MCS

Exhaustive efforts have been made to find other information from the countries listed and others not listed, but there is still scant information on some. Extra information to cover gaps etc. will be gratefully received and will be included in a future update of the CD.

The CD covers Meccano production up to mid 2003.

At present only the Meccano volume of MCS is available on CD.


This edition of the Meccano Volume of the MCS has been produced on CD in .PDF format (Adobe/Acrobat Reader is needed). The format is the same as the orignal MCS. The CD has been tested on both PC and Mac operating systems and should also work on any other operating systems that has an Adobe/Acrobat reader available.

Price including postage for the CD will be as follows:-

UK - £7.00

Europe - £9.00 (10 Euros in cash)

Rest of the World - £10.00

You can pay either by Paypal (recommended), cheques in pounds sterling or cash in pounds or Euros. Please send cheques or cash to the address below.

Note that you do not need a Paypal account to pay by Paypal - You can use your credit/debit card.

UK - £7.00
Europe - £9.00
Rest of World - £10.00

Send cash or cheques to:-

Mr. T. Edwards

5 Burnside Road



KA30 9BX

Great Britain

For more information please send me a message

The volume is only available on a CD. The cost of photocopying and postage renders a paper copy uneconomic.

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